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Concession Supplies for the Australian Popcorn Industry

Brisbane-based supplier of popcorn machines, ingredients, and resale items for small to medium businesses, theatres and cinemas Australia-wide. We are the new supplier with 20 years personal experience manufacturing, and selling popcorn both at markets and wholesale. It’s time to remove the monopoly, and bring in some real service and products the industry actually needs.

Yes, we are small… and therefore we care. Our products are ever growing, and brought in by demand. We are taking away the exclusivity of products and returning prices and stock on-hand to what it should be.

Our Product Range

Popcorn Machines

Machines that will make your life easier - not harder.  From simple air-poppers, to full production lines producing multi-flavoured popcorn.

Popcorn Ingredients

Australian-made is our priority, however we also import a variety of popcorn glazes and seasonings world-wide for that perfect popcorn.

Displays & Presentation

Find the perfect display to help sell your great products faster, keep it fresher, and easy to serve. Be it for a shop, cinema, popup, or market stall.

Retail Items

Earn extra profits with ease by reselling our pre-made retail items, and add convenience and bigger selection for your customers.

Our Services

Custom Packaging Services

Looking for the right packaging for your popcorn?  We can help you design and print your very own branded packaging that will stand out, keep your popcorn fresh, and make sales.

Custom Machines & Repairs

Do you need something special to make your product, or do you need a machine that maximises a given space?  We can help design or alter popcorn machines that work for you.  Oh, and we can fix them too.

Recipe Creations

With our experience manufacturing popcorn and having created a vast array of flavours, we can help you develop your very own (won't be shared) recipe to boost your brand and sales.  We also provide our existing recipes with our machines.

Production Advice

Feeling overwhelmed and having troubles keeping up?  Great!  We can help you put your focus back into your business and bring in efficient workflows, save costs, and to discover other sale avenues to maximise growth.

Featured Products

Caramel Glaze Sugar Mix

Caramel Glaze Sugar

Make crispy caramel popcorn while popping your corn in your oil-popper. Our most popular product will have your customers coming back for more, and bring in big profits.



Perfectly sized carameliser for small to medium popcorn manufacturers. Make the ultimate gourmet caramel popcorn from raw ingredients to make it exclusively yours, or combine your popped popcorn with our pre-mix caramel / sugar mixes.

4 bay staging display warmer

Heated Popcorn Displays

Keep your popcorn fresh, and looking fresh in these perfectly-sized popcorn warmers. Customers love warm popcorn, and you will love the extra long shelf-life.

Popcorn Tins

Custom Tins

Did you know we can help design, manufacture, and print your own custom refillable popcorn tins? Have customers return time and time again for refills and reduce your packaging wastage and costs. Find out more by getting in touch.

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